Agricultural Cost Share

Virginia Ag-BMP Cost Share Program

Historically, Soil & Water Conservation Districts have been most well-known for their assistance to the

agricultural community. By providing technical and financial resources, Districts assist farmers in

managing their lands to protect soil and water resources, while maximizing productivity. District staff

works directly with farmers to plan and design practices, and develop farm conservation plans that

meet the needs of individual landowners. And, through a variety of funding sources, the JRSWCD

provides cost share and/or tax incentives for the installation of many of those conservation practices or

Best Management Practices.

Practices commonly implemented in our area include, but are not limited to:

  • planting cover crops

  • converting cropland to grass

  • converting agricultural land to permanent forest

  • planting riparian forest buffers

  • improving wildlife habitat

  • implementing no-till cropping systems

  • implementing nutrient management techniques

    through nutrient management planning

To see a complete list of cost share practices and tax incentives click here.


Urban Conservation

Virginia Cost share assistance program

The Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP) is

an urban cost-share program that provides financial

incentives and technical and educational assistance to

property owners installing eligible Best Management

Practices (BMP’s) in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

These practices can be installed in areas of your yard

where problems like erosion, poor drainage, or poor

vegetation occur. Qualified sites shall be used for

residential, commercial, or recreational purposes with a

proposed practice that addresses a need.

Click HERE for a complete guide for VCAP.



Local officials, schools, community organizations

and the general public rely on the JRSWCD for

workshops, “field days”, presentations, school

events, and technical information. Classroom

presentations are available to support grade-

specific Standards of Learning (SOL), and

presentations on a variety of topics are available

for community organizations.

The JRSWCD also participates in the VASWCD

Youth concervation Camp and The Dominion

Envirothon Program. For more information on

our educational programs or how youth can be

involved in conservation, please call Brianna

Morring at (804)732-6550 or email her at .